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"Technically, if she can't fix you, you need surgery!" D. Pryor, Long Beach, CA.

"After two years and many appointments with different doctors, physical therapists, and trainers, Dr. Bloch was the only person to correctly diagnose and provide relief for my back pain. She knew that one of my ribs was out of place and was causing my pain after spending less than five minutes in her office. She relieved my pain for the first time in two years. Dr. Block is a true miracle worker and I have seen an immediate improvement in my athletic performance as a direct result from her treatments. I am confident I can now reach my full potential as division 1 rower."

Laura Adams Syracuse University Women's Rowing class of 2013

"After injuring my back surfing, I visited Complete Koncepts and was very impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. During my treatment, Dr. Bloch and Erika Figge worked with me in order to relieve my back pain, allowing me to get back in the water the following day, and helped to inform me of ways in which to prevent future injury. My experiences receiving treatment at Complete Koncepts have been overwhelmingly positive, and I would recommend them to anyone who lives an active lifestyle and is looking to keep their body in top shape. Cassady Ozimec

I"ve had many athletic trainers, but Dr. Bloch is by far the best one. Not only does she care about your body and knows exactly what to do when you're injured, she cares about you as a person. I consider her one of the best, and will go to her if I ever need anything major!

Jolene Anderson- U of Wisconsin-Madison-Graduate, Pro-basketball in Europe

Dr. Bloch provided our team with superb chiropractic care during our Olympic journey.  She was always there with a positive caring attitude keeping our team healthy and performing at the highest level.  I can honestly say that I have been adjusted by hundreds of chiropractors through the years and Karen - even as a young doctor would rate among the best in all of her adjusting skills.  She is truly world class!

Terry Schroeder D.C.

USA Olympic Water Polo Coach 2008, 2012

Hyberbaric Chamber

Rotex P
A better way of solving lower back and hip pain.

Used by professional, colleges and Olympic teams.

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Works on things that matter. The best people and the best care taking on new challenges. Finding solutions in health, fitness and wellness. Empowering, moving and curing the world. Not just another back adjustment, making you feel empowered.




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